Hyrum Jensen Mansion

Hyrum Jensen Mansion (c. 1900)
774 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City


08-31-2009_015_webThis was Hyrum Jensen's second home. Jensen was of Scandinavian descent, as many were in this area known as SwedeTown. He owned most of the land from 700 East to Highland Drive, and 2100 South to 3000 South, originally known as Forest Farm Ward. Today this area is known as the Forestdale Neighborhood and it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.

Preservation Issue

08-31-2009_016_web The Circuit City to the west has been optioned for purchase by the LDS Church for conversion/reuse as a new location for the Sugar House Deseret Industries. The LDS Church/DI has also optioned the purchase of the hsitoric Hyrum Jensen Mansion to the east and intends to demolish it and expand the Circuit City building with new docks and drive-throughs in its place. While this is a good location for to replace an aging DI building and has been supported by the Sugar House Community Council, no one has agreed that thereuse should come at the expense of demolishing the historic Jensen Mansion. Community Council members have asked for project architects and the LDS Church to reconsider their program in order to utilize and save the mansion or rearrange the large parking lot to facilitate the addition and thus be able to re-sell the parcel.

On September 23, the Salt Lake City Planning Commission reviewed a Conditional Use permit application for this site and applicant. After a vote, the permit was denied, which means the plan has not been approved and demolition will not move forward. In addition, the commission placed the following conditions on approval of the Conditional Use permit by the applicant:

1) have an active entrance to the retail space on 2100 South;
2) no demolition of the historic Jensen Mansion;
3) relocate the drop off to the south or east of the building but not have it dump out on 2100 South;
4) put a barrier in the parking lot so that traffic cannot cut through the parking lot from 7th east to 8th east to avoid the 21st south 7th east intersection;
5) add additional landscaping in the parking lot subject to the approval of the Planning Director; and,
6) reduce the parking to 4 stalls per 1000 square feet of retail space.

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