Community Stewardship Awards

Our annual Community Stewardship Awards (formerly Heritage Awards) celebrates the people who make preservation happen: dedicated homeowners, insightful architects, creative developers, community partners, and visionary leaders.


About the Jury

The Jury is a dedicated and passionate group committed to upholding the values of historic preservation and recognizing outstanding contributions made towards preserving Utah's architectural heritage. Established over thirty years ago by Preservation Utah, this esteemed committee plays a pivotal role in identifying individuals and groups who exemplify the spirit of community stewardship in the field of historic preservation.

The Jury evaluates nominations for the Community Stewardship Awards, a prestigious recognition program initiated by Preservation Utah. These awards celebrate and honor those who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to safeguard the rich cultural and architectural legacy of Utah. The purpose is to ensure that the selected award recipients truly embody the highest standard of preservation, contributing to the collective efforts of safeguarding Utah's historical landmarks and architectural treasures.

The Jury reviews nominations for the Community Stewardship Awards. Each nominee is carefully assessed to determine their alignment with the principles of historic preservation.

Jury members evaluate how nominees have demonstrated excellence in historic restoration, adaptive use projects, the preservation of threatened buildings, or lifetime dedication to the cause of preservation.

Based on their thorough assessments and discussions, the Jury provides recommendations for award recipients, ensuring that those chosen exemplify the highest standards of historic preservation.

  • Nov 2023 
    • Jury reviews and finalizes nomination process
  • January 2024
    • Awards nominations due
  • Feb 2024 
    • Jury reviews nominations and makes selections, recommendations sent to Board of Trustees for approval
  • April 2024
    • Community Stewardship Award Event

About the Event Committee

The Event Planning Committee for the Community Stewardship Awards is a dedicated and creative team responsible for orchestrating a remarkable and memorable event that pays tribute to the deserving recipients of Preservation Utah's prestigious Community Stewardship Awards. This committee is committed to ensuring that the event is a fitting celebration of the remarkable efforts and contributions made by individuals and groups towards historic preservation in Utah.

The purpose of the Event Planning Committee is to design, organize, and execute an elegant and inspiring event that not only honors the award recipients but also showcases their dedication to preserving Utah's architectural heritage. The committee's purpose is to create an atmosphere that reflects the significance of historic preservation and the commitment of the recipients, leaving attendees feeling inspired and motivated to champion this cause.

The Event Planning Committee plays a crucial role in bringing to life the essence of preservation and community stewardship through a well-executed and inspiring event. Their work not only celebrates the accomplishments of the award recipients but also communicates the importance of historic preservation to a broader audience, ultimately fostering a sense of shared responsibility for preserving Utah's architectural heritage.HIJ 7904

  • Nov 2023 - Event Committee Meeting
  • Dec 2023 - Event Committee Meeting
  • January 2024 - Event Committee Meeting
  • Feb 2024 - Event Committee Meeting 
  • March 2024 - Event Committee Meeting
  • April 2024 - Community Stewardship Award Event

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