Form a Grassroots Group

Sometimes the power of an organized group can be more successful than any one individual's effort or ability to affect change. If you are considering starting an initiative to save a historic place, or if you or your community are encountering significant challenges with a site, forming a grassroots group should be considered. Preservation Utah has helped start many project-based and community-based groups and can assist you in the process.

Just starting the conversation is the key. Put out a call to gather people interested in the issue at your local museum, library, or someone's house to talk through the issues. Invite us early and we can assist in developing your short- and long-term strategies. Eventually your group may want to become a nonprofit organization, but sometimes that's not necessary.

Examples of grassroots and local preservation organizations in Utah include:
Friends of Clark Historic Farm (Grantsville)
Friends of Gilgal Garden (Salt Lake City)
Friends of Historic Spring City (Spring City)
Park City Historical Society & Museum (Park City)
Weber County Heritage Foundation (Ogden)

Call our office at (801) 533-0858 to discuss your group with a staff member.