Board of Trustees


J. Scott Anderson, SLC, Chair              Interior Design
Nate Christensen, Manti, Vice Chair    Business Management
Tyler Carruth, Sandy, Treasurer            Finance
Pat Comarell, SLC, Secretary              City Planning, Water

Bill Barber, SLC                                     Marketing, IT
Janis Bennion, SLC                               Real Estate
Steve Cornell, SLC                                Architect/Historic Preservation
Robert Herman, Ogden                         Architect
Jack Hodgkins, Park City                      Tax Credit Finance, Real Estate Asset Management
J.P. Hughes, SLC                                   Nonprofits, Local Government
Janet Warburton, SLC                          Clinical Psychology
Bill Williams, North Salt Lake                Architect/Historic Preservation

Ex-Officio Members
Gabriela Richardson, Bountiful              Education

SHPO Liaison
Chris Hansen, South Ogden                 Historic Preservation


Board of Trustees Meetings

5:00 p.m., usually at Memorial House but subject to change

Thursday, January 18, CRSA

Thursday, March 15, Shriners Hospital

Thursday, May 17

Thursday, August 23

Thursday, October 11

Tuesday, December 4