Board of Trustees

Jack Hodgkins, Park City, Chair, Tax Credit Finance, Architect
Jessica Jude Gilmore, SLC, Vice Chair /Secretary, Business/Architectural Studies
Janis Bennion, SLC, Treasurer, Real Estate

J. Scott Anderson, SLC, Interior Design
Nate Christensen, Manti, Business Management
Robert Herman, Ogden, Architect
Cole Quam, SLC, Biochemical Engineering/Business
Frederick Stagbrook de Clairmont, SLC, Culture, Economics, Business Management
Janet Warburton, SLC, Clinical Psychology
Bill Williams, North Salt Lake, Architect/Historic Preservation
John Zidow, SLC, Land Use Law

Ex-Officio Board Members
Gabriela Richardson, Cottonwood Heights, Volunteer Board President, Education

Amber Anderson, SLC, SHPO Liaison, Historic Preservation


Board of Trustees Meetings

5:00 p.m., usually at Memorial House but subject to change

January 23

March 19

May 21

August 20

October 15

December 3