Volunteer Council

The 2024 Volunteer Council

President - Nancy Eckhout

Nancy Eckhout 2024 Volunteer Council

What I like about Preservation

Stories. Stories such as Building Mysteries (who built it, why and can it or should it be preserved and then how) or Building Biographies (when was the building finished, who parented the concept and nurtured the growth so the building could survive and become historically important and worth preserving). I like people who want to save, not tear down, and that is what Preservation Utah does. Volunteers for the organization always help the public value Preservation.

Why am I involved with Preservation Utah

I'm involved as a volunteer because I like being with people who are curious about the stories and history of homes, public buildings, and built communities. The children and adults we take on tours of buildings all seem to be curious and willing to be educated about our built environment. The organization encourages thoughtful and purposeful Preservation.

Vice President - Ruth Morgan


Why I am involved with Preservation Utah

I have been a member of Preservation Utah for over 40 years and a volunteer for the last 8. My husband and I moved into the Avenues before it became a Historic District in the City. I watched what an organization like Preservation Utah did to teach the neighborhood, unite the community, and help to form the neighborhood I live in today. I wanted to be a part of that. Today, I volunteer because I enjoy interacting with old and young people who want to learn about the past and keep it alive for everyone.

What I love about Preservation Utah

I love the fact that Preservation Utah is about so much more than one thing. I love that I can learn more about the State I have adopted as home through their lectures, their tours, and the social media postings from around the State. I enjoy the workshops they have put on to teach homeowners how to repair rather than replace. They work with communities across the State to educate and assist as needed with their local Preservation projects.

Past President/Recruiting Specialist - Gabriela Richardson

IMG 0525 Gabriela Richardson

What is your favorite historical building and why?

The Nuernberg, Germany, Burg, which is in my hometown. It's a place of legends and history.

Why are you involved with Preservation Utah?

I enjoy the opportunities to see wonderful places in Utah and learn of their history.

Secretary - Mary Ann Garner

Mary Ann Garner 2024 Volunteer Council

Third Thursday Committee Co-Chair - Teddie Krause


Third Thursday Committee Co-Chair - Paula Garfield

Paula Garfield 2024 Volunteer Council

Social Media Liason - Liz Naccarato

Liz Naccratto 2024 Volunteer Council

I have been a volunteer for Preservation Utah since 1996. I began doing tours at the Governor’s Mansion and continue to enjoy doing those tours today. I love historical buildings. They tell stories of the past in an interesting way. I have also participated in the annual Home’s Tour and other special tours and events sponsored by Preservation Utah.

Third Thursday Committee Member - Anne Polinsky


Education Committee Member - Bonnie Rogers

Bonnie Rogers 2024 Volunteer Council

Kay Sundberg


Third Thursday Committee Member - Linda Flanders

Linda Flanders 2024 Volunteer Council

Education Committee Member - Shannon Coon