Tracks to Trax: Connecting Communities Audio Tour


Tracks to Trax: Connecting Communities is a downloadable, audio/mp3 tour of the historic warehouse and Gateway District of Salt Lake City.

In 1869, the transcontinental railroad connected at Promontory Summit and by 1870 the railroad extended from Ogden through the west side of Salt Lake City, establishing the west side as the city's gateway, sowing the seeds for its future segregation from the town's geographic, cultural, and economic mainstream. In the next decade a network of rails spread throughout the city, proliferating most heavily in the Gateway District. As the railroad expanded, Utah's commercial industry grew, allowing Salt Lake to attract a diverse group of entrepreneurs, merchants, and laborers.

From 1880 to 1920 Salt Lake City's population exploded from 21,000 to 120,000, pierpontfreefarmersmuch of which can be attributed to the railroad, but it changed the character of the west side from a residential neighborhood to a distinctive warehouse district. Diverse ethnic communities that formed beginning with the coming of the railroad began to break up after World War II. And though economic booms of the late twentieth century and changes in transportation planning have altered the landscape, the history and architecture of the neighborhood is still prominent.

Take the tour and discover the Gateway District's history for yourself.

pdfDownload the map here.(3.16 MB)

mp3Introduction(4.35 MB)
mp3Utah Ice & Cold Storage(3.8 MB)
mp3Intermountain Furniture Warehouse(7.71 MB)
mp3Denver & Rio Grande Freight House(2.11 MB)
mp3Greektown(3.87 MB)
mp3Thomas Electric Company(4.02 MB)
mp3Citizens Investment Company(5.27 MB)
mp3Central Warehouse(3.06 MB)
mp3Redman Van & Storage Company(4.94 MB)
mp3Union Pacific Depot(9.02 MB)
mp3Gateway Rail Line Shadow(6.28 MB)
mp3Henderson Block(1.84 MB)
mp3Artspace Rubber Company(1.11 MB)
mp3Free Farmers' Market(4.98 MB)
mp3Cudahy Packing Company(686.43 KB)
mp3Ford Motor Company Building(823.68 KB)
mp3Denver & Rio Grande Depot(4.08 MB)
mp3Japan Town's History In The Gateway(6.56 MB)
mp3ZCMI Warehouse Artspace City Center(1.26 MB)
mp3Conclusion.mp3(1.1 MB)

zipDownload the tour audio here in an 80 MB zip file.(74.2 MB)

This tour was developed by Allison Carlquist, Dejan japaneseinutahEskic, Lyndsay Frendt, and PJ Nakamura of the University of Utah College of Architecture + Planning, April 2009.  Narration provided by Kara Glaubitz.  Music provided by Colette Call and Michael Lucarelli.