Nominate a Heritage Award

Preservation Utah seeks nominations annually for its Heritage Awards Ceremony honoring excellence in historic preservation throughout Utah. The purpose of the Heritage Awards is to recognize those projects, organizations, agencies, and individuals that exemplify the highest standards within the preservation movement.

Download the Nomination Form

Preservation Utah accepts nominations March through September for projects completed the previous year.

If you know of a project, individual, or group deserving of statewide recognition, download and fill-out the nomination form and send it with the required support materials listed below to Preservation Utah. If you have questions contact or (801) 533-0858.

Categories of Nominations

Adaptive Use

Includes projects that have successfully adapted an historic building for a new use. Residential, commercial, civic, and religious projects are considered. Projects must be completed with the past five years and tenants must be in place in order to be eligible.

Stabilization, Renovation, and Restoration

Includes historic buildings or sites that have been stabilized, renovated, or restored. Residential, commercial, civic, and religious projects are considered. Projects must be complete in order to be eligible.

Compatible Addition

Includes projects that take into account the existing historic structure(s) and create new, usable space that is complimentary to the existing historic structure. Residential, commercial, civic, and religious projects are considered. Projects must be completed with the past five years in order to be eligible.


Includes property owners who exemplify the value of stewardship by preserving the historic character of a historic building or site over time through regular and appropriate maintenance. Residential, commercial, civic, and religious properties are considered.


Includes organizations involved in furthering the historic preservation movement in Utah. Organizations may be recognized for a variety of activities undertaken within the past five years, such as: educational programs, events to raise public awareness of preservation, advocacy, publications, planning, and the protection of historic buildings and sites from destruction.

Firm or Government Agency

Includes professional firms and governmental agencies whose work has furthered the preservation movement in Utah. Firms and agencies may be recognized for a variety of projects undertaken within the past five years, such as: advocacy, infill design in historic districts, and renovation, restoration, and adaptive use designs.


Includes individuals who have made a significant contribution to historic preservation in Utah in the past five years. Individuals may represent a variety of disciplines and may be volunteers, grassroots activists, craftsmen, or paid professionals.

Studies of preservation practices are not eligible unless they are nominated in conjunction with a completed project and will be acknowledged at that time.


Nominations for Heritage Awards must include a nomination form and appropriate supporting materials. Nomination materials will be kept permanently in Preservation Utah's files and therefore cannot be returned. All photos submitted may be used by Preservation Utah for press related to the Heritage Awards program.

All Nominations are required to include:

  • A typed narrative of 750 to 1000 words describing the project, property owner, organization, firm, agency, or individual being nominated. The narrative should include the purpose and scope of the project/activity/contribution, innovative approaches used by the nominee, the long-range impact of the project/activity/contribution, and any additional information that supports the project/activity/contribution as exemplary in Utah preservation.
  • Visual Materials documenting the project. Visuals are preferred in digital format. All visuals must be labeled or accompanied by a key. They should relate to the narrative and should depict the project before and after completion. Any visuals given to Preservation Utah may be used in publicity associated with the award.
  • A list of all parties involved who should receive recognition in the form of a certificate acknowledging their work on the project.
  • Up to three letters of support are encouraged but not required.

Project Nominations should also include:

  • Beginning and ending date of project.
  • Visual materials documenting the project – before and after photos.
  • If applicable, architectural drawings, site plans, or feasibility studies may be included.

Stewardship Nominations should also include:

  • Visual materials documenting the preservation of the historic building or site over time.
  • If applicable, a copy of the regular maintenance schedule for the building or site may be included.

When submitting a nomination please remember that the information you provide will be the only exposure that most of the Jury members will have with your project. Please provide adequate information to ensure that our jury can make an informed decision.


Complete submissions should be postmarked by January 31 annually. If you are unable to make this deadline contact or (801) 533-0858 to make other arrangements. Mail to: Heritage Awards Jury, Preservation Utah, 375 N. Canyon Rd., Salt Lake City, Utah 84103


Preservation Utah invites preservation experts to review each nomination for Heritage Awards. Individuals serving on the jury change yearly and include representatives from the various organizations such as the University of Utah College of Architecture + Planning, American Institute of Architects, Utah State Historical Society, Preservation Utah Board of Trustees, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and grassroots preservation groups. The jury will review all nominations submitted by the deadline and reserves the right to change the nominated category to best suit the project.


Heritage Awards recipients will be notified in February. All recipients will be honored at Preservation Utah's Heritage Awards Ceremony.