Volunteer Today

Is preserving your heritage your passion?

Volunteer participation within the Preservation Utah is a strong and vital tradition. Volunteers provide an important link to our community and assist in fostering greater awareness of our historic architectural environment. Volunteers expand their knowledge of architecture and learn more about the benefits of renovation and restoration of our historic landmarks in addition to developing new friendships. We provide educational training for all volunteer opportunities.

Advantages include:

  • Building your knowledge of architecture and learning the benefits of renovation and restoration of our historic landmarks.
  • Making new friends with common interests.
  • On-going training opportunities.
  • Frequent access to our grand landmarks, some not otherwise open to the public.
  • Newsletter. 
  • An annual Volunteer Appreciation Brunch.
  • Access to educational lecture series.

Opportunities abound:

  • Guiding tours in historic buildings---Salt Lake City & County Building, Kearns (Utah Governor's) Mansion, Meditation Chapel, McCune Mansion, and others.
  • Leading tours in historic homes during our annual Historic Homes Tour.
  • Planning special events & day-of help.
  • Leading a Marmalade District walking tour.
  • Filling a leadership position on the Volunteer Council.
  • Researching various topics.
  • Serving on a committee.

Contact Liz Joerger at  or (801) 533-0858

Volunteer Council Leads the Way

The Volunteer Council meets monthly. The Council leads most of our historical tours (although you do not need to be on the council to lead tours). The Preservation Utah Volunteer Council is made up of volunteers who are members of Preservation Utah. The Council President holds an ex-officio position on the Preservation Utah Board of Trustees.