Westmoreland Place

Westmoreland Place (c. 1913)
1300 South at 1500 South, Salt Lake City

Current Status

Westmoreland Place was designated as a local historic district in July 2010 by unanimous vote of the City Council.


04-14-2010_043_resizedAs one of the earliest streetcar subdivisions in Salt Lake City, Westmoreland Place was developed by builders who were influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement in California, especially the renowned houses of Greene & Greene.  Early covenants in the neighborhood prevented the construction of garages larger than one car so that families would not be faced with living in shacks while their house was built or long term.  As the original plat was built out over time, the architecture became more eclectic, including Period Revival cottages and Bungalows, though all included highly stylistic elements to blend with the neighborhood.

Preservation Issue

04-14-2010_067_resizedMarked by the stone gates at the diagonal intersection off 1500 East and 1300 South, Westmoreland Place retains much of its original architectural integrity.  Owners have respectfully added space to raise families and it’s said that about 67 children live within the roughly 50 homes of the neighborhood.  However, neighbors concerned with the possibility that any smaller house could be purchased and demolished for a new, out of scale, out of character house at any time have decided to pursue local historic district designation.

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