Lincoln Street - 200 South

After two years of grassroots, community led opposition, the property owners of the five historic homes at Lincoln Street and 200 South have had their request for a denser rezone denied by the Salt Lake City Council on March 16, 2021. The rezone would have resulted in the definite demolition of five homes that are all over 100 years old and part of the Salt Lake City East Side Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

As a historic preservation organization, we value the history and character these buildings contribute to the fabric of Salt Lake City. At a national level, they are a part of the Salt Lake City East Side Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places, making them notable but providing them no protections. Beyond the innate values these buildings hold for the community's heritage, historic homes offer naturally occurring affordable housing. Adding new market-rate apartments (often called 'Luxury') will only provide more expensive housing options. In addition, the destruction of five historic homes and the building of three new structures will only result in more materials going to the landfill. Per SLC Zoning, "The purpose of the R-2 single and two-family residential district is to preserve and protect for single-family dwellings the character of existing neighborhoods which exhibit a mix of single- and two-family dwellings by controlling the concentration of two-family dwelling units." The proposed plan would destroy occupied historic properties within a National Historic District, increase rental rates, create more waste, and damage the character and makeup of the current neighborhood.

Tax Credits: Since these properties fall within a National Historic District and are both residential and income producing, they may qualify for both State and Federal Historic Tax Credits. That could be up to a 40% tax credit towards rehabilitation!

For more on the history and individual stories of these wonderful homes, make sure to check out @rachels_slc_history Instagram profile.

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