Historical Arts and Casting


Owner/Manager: Baird Family

5580 West Bagley Park Road
West Jordan, UT 84081

(801) 280-2400

About Historical Arts and Casting

Established: 1973

Historical Arts & Casting, Inc.’s (HACI) team of designers, engineers, artists and craftsmen were brought together in 1973 to recreate traditional cast metal ornamentation for significant restoration projects across the country.

HACI artisans have since developed a national reputation and have established a high standard of excellence for architectural metal restoration and replication. Today, creations from Historical Arts & Casting, Inc. adorn some of the most significant projects, both old and new, in North America and around the world. Every year, new and seemingly bigger projects incorporate cast metal ornamentation as a major part of their designs. Indeed, there is a modern cast-metal revival.

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