Rehab it Right! Property Owner's Guide

Over the past several years, Preservation Utah has been offering Rehab it Right! workshops to property owners of historic buildings.

With each workshop, presenters have compiled and offered attendees numerous handouts and resources specific to the topic being discussed. With so much information generated, the next step was to combine and present the information into one Rehab it Right! Historic Property Owner’s Guide. New topics will be published onlineas they become available.

Advice for Property Owners

How to get started is often the hardest part of any preservation project, check out this Advice for Property Owners guide to find answers to get your project going and to keep up with the maintenance.

Download the Rehab It Right! Advice for Property Owners (PDF)

Historic Windows & Doors

Nothing gives character to your historic building like the windows and doors. This Historic Windows and Doors guide is not only a how-to resource but will also help you identify common issues with your historic windows and doors.

Download the Rehab It Right! Historic Windows and Doors (PDF)

Thank You!

The Rehab it Right! Historic Property Owner's Guide is made possible by a generous grant from the George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation.