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The Western Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts



11415 W. I-70 Frontage Rd N.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
(303) 573-1973

About The Western Center for the Conservation of Fine Arts


WCCFA has been providing art conservation services to the public and private sectors for 30 years. Our clients include numerous museums, galleries and other public institutions, as well artists, private clients and corporations throughout the country.

We are committed to a total care and preventive conservation approach. We offer public lectures, seminars, and workshops focusing on proper care, handling, storage, and examination techniques, with the intention to educate the public and museum professionals about the field of art conservation as well as the great benefits of minimizing damage and deterioration to their artworks.

Additional Services:

WCCFA offers examination of artworks to determine condition and to provide treatment proposals and cost estimates.
Consultation and planning on collection maintenance and environmental control, storage, handling, and shipping.
On-site conservation for non-transportable artworks.
Emergency services (flood and fire damage, etc.)
Coordination and interpretation of technical materials analysis.
Lectures, seminars, and workshops on art conservation including care and awareness training available to fine arts professionals, museum staff, and concerned individuals.
On-site surveys of collections to assess the condition of specific artworks, the environment, storage and the general facility in order to prioritize conservation and preservation needs.