Third Thursday Tours

Third Thursday tours are private educational tours of historic places held the third Thursday of most months. Each month's tour is a different location!

Tours are organized by our Volunteer Board and are a free benefit we provide for our volunteers, as a thank you for all you do for us! Preservation Utah members are also invited to attend our Third Thursday Tours with our Volunteers. To learn more about volunteering for Preservation Utah please contact Liz at .


Space is limited and registration is required. Email .

July 15, 2021 - 10 am - Allen Park

Synopsis: Allen Park (or Hobbitville) is an area across from Westminster College that was developed by Dr. Allen in the 1940’s.  It is a very wooded area next to emigration creek where the doctor built a home and about 16 small cottages.  He loved birds and art, so these things are reflected in the area around his home.  He bought birds to live in the area and large cages can still be seen, as well as a couple peacocks. There are many mosaic plaques placed throughout the park with short phrases from poems to reflect his love of nature.

The Tour Guide: Dr. David Stanley, retired professor from Westminster College, will conduct the tour.  He taught a class on Utah Folklore and he and several students did research on Allen Park.