Allen Park Walking Tour

 Allen Park was purchased by Salt Lake City and opened to the public on October 4, 2020. “Allen Park is a rare opportunity to preserve almost seven acres of unique ecosystem in a historic area that would otherwise be developed by private entities,” Mayor Mendenhall said.

“We have heard the request from many members of our community to use parks impact fees to purchase this land, and are grateful for an opportunity to be able to do so.”

“This is an iconic parcel in a City that needs more open space,” said Chris Wharton, City Council Chair. “We hope we will have partners to help make it an important public park soon.”


Registration is required. Click a date below to register.

Saturday, August 14 at 10 am

Monday, August 30 at Noon

Friday, September 10 at Noon

Friday, September 24 at Noon

Please note, this is an exterior only tour and will not enter any homes or businesses.


More info about the park can be found here:

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