Lecture and Book Signing for 'Salt Lake City's Modern Architecture'

December 15, 2023
4-6 pm at Memorial House in Memory Grove Park




About the Event

Embark on a captivating journey through the architectural evolution of Salt Lake City at our exclusive event featuring authors Steven D. Cornell and John D. Ewanowski. Join us for an illuminating lecture followed by a book signing as they delve into their latest publication, Salt Lake City’s Modern Architecture, offering an exploration of the enduring impact of Modernism on Salt Lake's burgeoning landscape.

From the postwar era's exponential population growth to the building boom that reshaped the city's skyline, discover the transformative effects of Modernism on Salt Lake County between 1940 and 1980. Through their expertise in historic preservation and adaptive reuse, Cornell and Ewanowski shed light on the city's architectural narrative, focusing on landmark structures like the First Security Bank building and the Salt Palace that showcase the essence of Modern architecture.

Uncover how this architectural movement, rooted in rationalism and functionalism, shaped Salt Lake's skyline and diversified the city's religious, educational, and recreational institutions. Learn about the pivotal role of local and non-local architects in crafting the city's distinctive architectural identity during this era.

Following the lecture, seize the chance to engage directly with the authors during a book signing session. Get firsthand insights into their research and discoveries, and have your copy of this insightful book personally signed.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Salt Lake City's architectural transformation narrative. 

About the Book9781467108942

The postwar era led to a threefold population increase in Salt Lake County between 1940 and 1980 and brought with it a building boom largely concentrated in Salt Lake City. Office towers reached farther toward the sky, college campuses grew outward to accommodate the influx of students on the GI Bill, religious facilities were built for a diversifying population, and arenas and theaters were constructed for people enjoying their newly discovered leisure time. This building boom was anchored in Modernism, an architectural movement defined by rationalism and functionalism. Modernism first caught hold in large American cities and then proliferated to the rest of the country in more provincial cities like Salt Lake. This book explores the lasting impression of Modernism on Salt Lake’s built environment. It highlights projects by homegrown architects and architects from farther afield practicing in the burgeoning city. Landmark structures such as the First Security Bank building and the Salt Palace highlight the city’s Modern architecture and, along with more mundane examples, bring it to light at a moment when it is increasingly targeted for demolition.

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About the Authors

Steven D. Cornell and John D. Ewanowski are practicing architects in Salt Lake City specializing in historic preservation and adaptive reuse.



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