Home for the Holidays: A Preservation Utah Celebration

Date: December 8, 2023 
Time: 6:00 - 10:00 pm
Location: Memorial House


Join us as we weave together the threads of history and the enchantment of the holidays at "Home for the Holidays: A Preservation Utah Celebration." As the annual fundraiser for Preservation Utah, we invite you to join us at Memorial House for an extraordinary evening celebrating the past, present, and future of preservation in Utah.

Memorial House has been transformed into an enchanting winter wonderland for this special occasion. Picture it: twinkling lights, seasonal foliage, and decor that invokes cherished memories. It's a world where holiday joy comes alive amidst our rich heritage.

Your presence at "Home for the Holidays" not only enriches this extraordinary evening but also supports the vital work of Preservation Utah. Together, we can ensure that our state's history and heritage continue to shine brightly for generations to come.

Each ticket includes exclusive access to a dining experience in the elegant main hall of Memorial House, live caroling, and an auction that includes:

  • Wine and Cheese Hike in the Uinta Mountains
  • Stairs Station Hydroelectric Power Plan Tour
  • Drag Brunch 
  • Improv Class at Memorial House
  • Keep checking here for updates about new experiences we are adding

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Memorial House History

In 1890, Memorial House was constructed as a stable and equipment storage shed. Then, in 1902, Salt Lake City utilized the building as a barn, tool shed, and blacksmith shop located directly across from the city's intake structure on City Creek. In 1926, the Service Star Legion leased the building, and with architects Hyrum Pope and Harold Burton, a new façade was designed with a Georgian flair. Under the management of the Service Star Legion, Memorial House became a popular setting for weddings, receptions, and luncheons. However, after the Legion's lease ran out in 1984, the building stood vacant and unused for ten years. Seeking a new home and hoping that Memorial House could once again play an active role in the community, Preservation Utah raised funds for the renovation of the building in cooperation with Salt Lake City Corporation, and in July 1994, we re-opened the doors of Memorial House for public use. Today, Memorial House stands proud, thanks to the hard work of preservationists and Salt Lake City Corporation. Under our stewardship, we continue hosting many events while embracing the building's rich history.

You are invited to Home for the Holidays

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