Tsuki Full Moon Viewing | Sake Class & Sushi Pairing

Friday, October 7, 2022
7 pm - 10 pm

Memorial House
375 N Canyon Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

$120/person (40 participants max)


Join us for a night of celebration! “Tsukimi” is the Japanese tradition of moon viewing the Harvest Moon. It is a time of giving thanks for the year’s harvest, a time of celebrating the seasonal beauty of nature.

Featuring a sake class by Jill Watanabe, a generous dining experience by Chef Cesar, an intentional sake pairing with Tsuki Sake, mochi rice, rabbit origami, and a beautiful view of the Full Moon at Salt Lake’s beloved Memorial House!


This dining experience will be completely Gluten Free

1st course: Desert Pear Sake Spritzer featuring Sirop Co + Kanto Style Ozoni soup with Chicken, Carrots, Spinach, and Mochi

2nd course: Maguro and Suzuki Lotus Root Crudo with a sweet Yuzu Miso sauce

3rd course: Super Moon Ultra-Premium Sake + 6 Piece Nigiri Flight with Hamachi, Hirame, Salmon, Madai, Kurodai, Shiro Maguro

Sake Class: Sake Flight of Super Moon Ultra Premium, Harvest Moon White Peach Nigori, Desert Moon Citrus Prickly Pear

4th course: Black Garlic Miso Noodles, topped with Uni and Ikura

5th course: Harvest Peach Sake Spritzer featuring Sirop Co + Tsukimi Dango rice cakes featuring Doki Doki Japanese Desserts

Additional sake pours will be available for purchase during origami folding.


About sake class instructor Jill Watanabe:

Jill is a half-Japanese Salt Lake City local who connected to her roots within her Japanese cuisine-based career. Along the way she fell in love with the culture, science, and unique deliciousness of sake. Her big plans to go to Japan in 2020 were derailed by the pandemic, and in an effort to see it as another opportunity instead of a setback, she pursued the launch of Utah's first sake company, Tsuki Sake. Since then she has gained experience in sake brewing, becoming a certified Sake Sommelier, and exploring the world of entrepreneurship. Her biggest passion is creating memorable dining experiences, where food and drink elevate one another in intentional pairings. Jill is honored to host an event that showcases a chance to teach Tsuki Sake's beloved Salt Lakers more about her love for sake and Japanese cuisine.



About Chef Cesar Sandoval:

Chef Cesar was born in Mexico City, although he spent his childhood in Salt Lake's Poplar Grove neighborhood. He studied at the Academy of Math, Engineering, and Science (AMES). While he was a student at AMES, he started working at a local Salt Lake City eatery. This ignited his original passion for the culinary scene, and as he dove into the kitchen, rubbing elbows with passionate chefs much like himself, he developed a deep appreciation for culinary exploration. Cesar worked as a prep cook for many years before moving on to other kitchens throughout the valley. One day, he hopes to fulfil his lifelong ambition and create a restaurant of his own. Originally, Cesar was interested in familiarizing himself with the finer points of running a restaurant. With that goal in mind, he took some time away from the kitchen to try his hand at other jobs, from bussing to management. Then he circled back to his original passion of creating unforgettable dining experiences as Sous Chef at Yuki Yama in Park City.

Throughout the 11 years of exploration in his Japanese cuisine-based career, Chef Cesar aims to continue thrilling customers with new and interesting dishes for many years to come. Now that he's working alongside seasoned fusion chefs, his enthusiasm has only increased. He is looking forward to this appearance outside of Yuki Yama so he can serve you original, authentic, and delicious Japanese cuisine!



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PLEASE NOTE: This is a 21+ event, IDs will be checked at the door.


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