Kimchi Instructional Class

Fermenting food has been happening for generations and in so many different cultures and ancient ways. In our beginners fermentation kimchi class we will be exploring the Korean art of
making a delicious probiotic food that will become a staple of your meals in your home! We will look at this kitchen craft together as we explore the wider range of possibilities through
basic fermentation practice!

Katherine will be your instructor- she has has spent the last decade of her life (or more)  curious about process- specifically around food as medicine and the older ways of life. She enjoys knitting, spinning, sewing, cooking and gardening. The love of fermentation came from a desire to learn how to make wine. Over the years that has expanded into many other ferment projects! Self proclaimed kitchen witch she loves spending time chopping vegetables. She loves to talk all things food and fun.

Kimchi_2.jpgKatherine; Monroe, UT; 2021.

Cost: $65
Where: Memorial House in Memory Grove Park
When: Wednesday, July 13th, 6-8 pm

The class will be limited to 12 participants. 

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What to bring: Please bring a sharp kitchen knife and cutting board. We will supply all the other tools and vegetables necessary for creating your perfect home made kimchi! At the end of class you will leave with your own batch and a recipe to continue this practice at home.

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