History Sessions with Lake Effect

May 31, 2021 from 11am - 1 pm or online

Preservation Utah and Lake Effect are partnering to present History Sessions, a gathering that aims to showcase preservation success stories in Utah.

The event will take place in person at Lake Effect on Monday, May 31st, 2021 (Memorial Day). 

What to Expect

Lake Effect Version:  Tickets include two glasses of wine or whiskey and a tapas plate, a multilevel exclusive tour of the building and a lecture on its history from Preservation Utah’s Executive Director, David Amott. The entire event is expected to last between 1.5-2 hours and will be closed off to the general public. Physical distancing and COVID event safety standards will be in place during the entire event.


Proceeds go directly to the stated small business and small nonprofit organization in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Culture isn't only marked by physical places, but is the relationships between people and space. In congregating in our favorite places, such as local bars and restaurants, we find ourselves immersed in the history of the built environment while also creating our own stories. During 2020, many have reflected on the past for ways to look to the future. In the struggles that many small businesses and nonprofits are currently experiencing, history and culture remind us of the communities we've formed and our commitment to them. 


“It has been said that, at its best, preservation engages the past in a conversation with the present over a mutual concern for the future.”

-William J. Murtagh in Keeping Time: The History and Theory of Preservation in America (New York: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 1988), p. 168.