Power of Place

Transcontinental Railroad Grade Tour - Saturday, April 6

As we approach the 150th Anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad (May 9, 2019), Preservation Utah and its partners – Utah Division of State History and Bureau of Land Management – would like to invite you to join cultural resource staff and historians on a guided tour of some important locations in western Box Elder County.

Tour Highlights:

  • This guided tour of the Transcontinental Railroad Grade will take you to see where the railroad workers lived and worked (at the same time of year that they worked there in 1869!)
  • Local historians, archaeologists and land managers will take you onto the archaeological sites to see the artifacts left by the railroad workers.
  • The tour will stop at the important former railroad towns of Kelton and Terrace, along with some important engineering feats such as the Dove Creek Fill and Peplin Cut.
  • You will learn how the railroad workers lived and make a connection to them that is indescribable and must be experienced.
  • You will see the culvert and trestles built by hand.
  • You will see the incredible fill and cuts made to allow the Transcontinental Railroad to run over and through the various terrain.


Tickes are sold out!